FROM THE DEATHBED TO THE MASTER’S TABLE | Gospel of John 11:32-44; 12:1

"I Am the Resurrection and the Life"
“I Am the Resurrection and the Life”

From the  Gospel of John 11:32-44; 12:1 this is one of the most amazing passages in the entire Bible! Here we are allowed to see the glory, power and majesty of the Christ’s power in display. Here we see a man named Lazarus go from the sickbed to the Master’s table!

In this text, we see what Jesus did for Lazarus. But, we can also see what He can do for the person who is still lost and in sin today. This passage shows us how Jesus can take you from your deathbed to His table. If you don’t know the Lord, this would be a great day to come to Him by faith. If you do know Him, it would be a great time to remember what He did for you when He saved you by His grace. Let’s notice the truths contained here as we watch Him take Lazarus from the Deathbed to the Master’s Table.


Verse 32, 39 He Was Dead – Poor old Lazarus wasn’t just sick any longer, he was dead! He was in a tomb surrounded by mourning family and friends, but he couldn’t hear them. Even the Lord Jesus showed up at his grave, but he was unaware of the presence of the Lord. Lazarus was a dead man! He was unable to respond to his surroundings. (Note: In his condition, he is a picture of every person who does not know the Lord Jesus. Ephesians 2:1 says that the sinner is lost in trespasses and sins. In that lost condition, the sinner cannot sense the presence of the Lord. He cannot respond to the things of God. He cannot enjoy fellowship with God. He is dead and he is in a pitiful condition.)

Verse 39 He Was Decayed – According to Martha, Lazarus has been dead long enough for the decay process to have set in on his body. When Jesus arrived at his tomb, he had been dead for 4 days. He had been dead long enough to stink. There aren’t degrees of dead, just degrees of decay!

Verse 21, 32, 36 He Was Doomed – As you listen Martha, Mary and the crowd talk about Lazarus, you get the idea that they have given up on him. In their minds, he is dead and gone and nothing more can be done about it. Had this been any other cemetery, I might have agreed with them, but there was one subtle difference that day: Jesus Christ was there! The others may have been ready to leave Lazarus in the grave, but Jesus wasn’t!


It Was A Personal Call – When the Lord Jesus called out at that tomb, He issued a very personal call. He called specifically for Lazarus to come out of that tomb! That call was for no one else that day, but it was for Lazarus alone. It was a call designed for one man and one man alone!

It Was A Precise Call – The call was very clear that day “Come forth!” Jesus told Lazarus exactly what he was supposed to do! (Note: When He comes calling, there will be no doubt as to what He wants you to do! When He comes calling, His call will be for you to come to Him. His call will be for you to believe on Him by faith. His call will be a call to repent of your sins and to turn to Jesus for salvation,

It Was A Powerful Call – This call was a powerful call for Lazarus. It brought him out of death and darkness into light and life! It changed everything for this man forever.


(Ill. When the call of the Lord came to this man in that tomb, and when that call was heard and heeded by Lazarus, everything changed for him.)

It Brought Life – Here is a man who has been dead for four days, but at the command of Jesus, He is alive! (Note: when a sinner comes to Jesus for salvation, that sinner is brought out of death and is made alive,

It Brought Liberty – When Lazarus come out of that tomb, he was still bound up in the graveclothes in which they had buried him. Jesus issues the command in verse 44 “loose him and let him go.”

It Brought Light – The Bible says that the face of Lazarus was covered with a napkin. Because of that covering, Lazarus was in darkness. When Lazarus was brought to life, Jesus commanded that all the things that were binding him be removed.

It Brought Luxury – Lazarus had spent four days sealed up in a tomb, totally oblivious to his condition. Now that he is alive, he is seen sitting at a table, fellowshipping with the Lord Jesus Christ! Everything has changed for this man!


Conc: Has Jesus Christ ever showed up at the tomb of your life and called you to come to Him? Did you go when He called? Or, are you still trapped in the darkness, lost and waiting? If you need salvation, and Jesus is calling you, please come to Him. If your relationship with Him needs work, then please come before Him and do what He is speaking to your heart about. He can and will move you from the deathbed to the Master’s Table!


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