Anger Management Classes

Anger Management Classes in Dallas Texas

Currently, we offer weekly and anger management classes in Dallas, TX for adults and couples at the following address:

Weekly Anger Classes in Dallas, Texas

Tel: 469-386-1439

The AngerCoach anger management classes are designed to satisfy court requirements (in Dallas County) for completion of an Approved Anger Management Program.

How will you benefit from the program?

  • Recognize and appropriately respond to normal angry feelings.
  • Use the 8 tools of anger control including how to manage stress more effectively and how to communicate more effectively with your partner, children, co-workers or other family members.
  • Increase your capacity to create positive outcomes in your relationships with others and yourself.
  • Develop the capacity to influence others by your own behavior.
  • Decrease symptoms of anger and stress such as irritability, conflicts at home, school or work, temper flare-ups, physical discomforts from stress, boredom, and depression.

Who Is The Instructor?

Classes are taught or supervised by LaCedric Williams, a pastor with thirty years of ministry experience. In addition to his ministry, he is also a Certified Anger Management Counselor.

How Many Classes In The Anger Management Program?

The weekly program consists of ten (10) weekly classes, one hour each. If the court orders more, we can accommodate you.

What Is The Content of the Classes?

Participants learn the 8 tools of anger control including stress management, developing empathy, Learning to respond instead of reacting, changing our self-talk, the Art of assertive communication, changing expectations, Learning to forgive and learning how to retreat and think things over. Teaching is done with a required workbook. We also have class discussions, completion of homework assignments, videos, and other instructional aids.

Adult and Couples Anger Management Classes

We offer anger management classes for a volunteer, court-ordered persons, and couples. We also accept referrals from the Children’s Court, Conciliation Court, Managed Care Companies, and Employee Assistance programs. Common problems addressed in our classes include destructive anger in relationships, inability to cope with partners anger, road rage, simple battery, anger toward family members, workplace anger, and parent-teen conflict.

What are the Costs?

The cost of our weekly classes are as follows:

Enrollment $65; Workbook $30.00; cost per class $35.00.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and cash. We offer a discount for payment in advance for the 10-week program.

Special rate for enrolled couples: enrollment fee $50.00
Cost per class $50.00, workbooks $25.00 each.

We also offer a 4-hour accelerated Saturday class for $175.00.

Enrollment Information

Dallas, Texas
Adults and Couples: Tuesdays. New Enrollment 7:00 PM.
Class from 7:30-8:30PM