Accelerated Anger Management Classes in Dallas County

Accelerated Saturday Workshop Classes

These classes are designed for those that would like to have a detailed introduction to skills in anger management as well as those that need a more timely way of accumulating anger management class credit. Accelerated classes meet approximately once a month and are held on Saturdays for 4 hours. We offer classes for both adults and adolescents for anger management.

Accelerated anger management classes are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They offer a consolidated and intense introductory to the necessary skills needed to better manage and control anger. They can be taken as a stand-alone workshop or can also be a taken as an addition to weekly classes. Accelerated classes are well suited for personal reasons, as well as court requirements or at the request of an employer. Classes are aimed at teaching concrete skills to better manage and control anger and stress-related concerns.

Participants can expect to learn:

  • Skills in having better judgment and impulse control.
  • Stress management.
  • Empathy and emotional awareness.
  • Improving self-talk and optimism.
  • Better communication and listening skills.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Calming techniques

Adult Accelerated Anger Management Class

This class is ideal for adults and is highly structured and skill building. Class size is limited to eight participants. We use educational videos, role-playing, and instructional materials to help and guide participants to learn skills in a variety of areas. Course content includes skills in stress management, communication training, assertion training, anger management, empathy, conflict resolution, as well as skills in developing better judgment and impulse control. We use our highly acclaimed skill-building curriculum, “Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century” in which the “Eight Tools for Anger Control” will be explored. Both the curriculum and additional learning materials will be given complimentary for all participants. Cancellations or rescheduling must be made within 48 hours of the workshop.